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Sigma Sport ROX GPS 7.0

Sigma Sport ROX GPS 7.0
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Unpack, mount, ride! The ROX GPS 7.0 is easy to operate, yet equipped with high-end features like GPS track navigation and barometric altitude measurement. You can even load and compete against your "favorite" Strava segments. Create your own personal sport profiles to get the most out of every ride!

Bike functions:

- Current speed (mph/kph)
- Average speed
- Maximum speed
- Current vs. average speed comparison
- Distance
- Training time
- Duration
- Calories
- Clock (12/24h)
- Date

Temperature functions:

- Current temperature
- Minimum temperature
- Maximum temperature

Altitude measurement functions:

- Altitude
- Incline (%)
- Rate of ascent in m/min
- Altitude profile graph
- Altitude uphill
- Maximum altitude
- Distance up hill
- Training time uphill
- Average speed uphill
- Average rate of ascent
- Maximum rate of ascent
- Distance downhill
- Training time downhill
- Average speed downhill
- Average rate of descent
- Maximum rate of descent
- Average slope downhill
- Maximum slope downhill

Navigation functions:

- Time to destination
- Estimate time of arrival (ETA)
- Distance to destination
- Direction
- Track view

Lap functions:

- Manual or automatic laps
- Number of laps
- Time in lap
- Distance in lap
- Average speed in lap
- Calories in lap
- Average altitude in lap
- Maximum altitude in lap
- Elevation gain in lap
- Elevation loss in lap
- Average incline in lap
- Average decline in lap
- Average rate of ascent in lap
- Average rate of descent in lap


- STRAVA live segments
- Digital three-axis compass
- Barometric altitude measurement
- Sports profiles (incl. customizable training views)
- Waypoints with custom text
- Up to 400 hours log capacity
- Backlight
- Water tight in accordance with IPX7
- Graphic data evaluation in the DATA CENTER
- GPS accuracy indicator
- Battery capacity (in %)