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Bring The Outdoors In
With an Indoor Trainer

Ride Your Way, Anytime

Hook up and go -- it's easier than ever to bring the outdoors in on your next ride. To make your indoor riding experience even better, and to harness all the benefits riding indoors has to offer, you need a way to stay comfortable and engaged. With a smart trainer and your favorite training app, you can ride with friends, explore famous routes, join group rides, track your stats, and much more.

Choose Your Trainer

Wahoo Smart Trainers

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Get That Real Ride Feel

Utilizing a direct drive smart trainer will offer you the most realistic ride feel to keep you riding longer, comfortably. These trainers accelerate with your efforts seamlessly and offer reliable resistance. For an extra bonus, a direct drive trainer is also the quietest of the indoor trainers - your housemates and neighbors will thank you.

Our favorite is the Wahoo KICKR Smart Trainer which pairs with ride enhancing accessories like the Wahoo KICKR Climb and the Wahoo KICKR Headwind Smart Fan.

Enhance Your Comfort and Performance

In order to get the most out of indoor cycling, maintaining comfort is key. A great chamois, a saddle designed with your unique physique in mind, and chafe-fighting chamois cream will keep you riding longer and ready to tackle new challenges.

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Get Connected

Cycling shoes are an essential piece of gear for getting the most out of your ride. Clipping into pedals helps maintain correct foot position throughout your pedal stroke. This can improve stability and alignment for a safer ride, and engages more muscle groups from the ability to pull up on the pedals.

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Create a Space You Want to Ride In

There are many items and services you probably already have access to that will enhance your indoor ride. 

We recommend a small table near your trainer for easy access to snacks, water, your phone, and laptop or any other entertainment or training devices you'll want nearby. For entertainment, we love watching cycling races on RedBull TV and YouTube (both are free!) and streaming action-packed sports related movies. Need an extra boost of motivation? Try an indoor cycling app to experience the world’s greatest courses, ride with friends, or even race!

Connect With Your Favorite App

Finding the right indoor cycling app is essential for making the most of your time inside. With indoor cycling on the rise, the technology has been progressing along with the popularity. Indoor training apps connect with most smart and non-smart trainers to bring you the most realistic ride feel. Check out our favorite apps to help progress your fitness, improve motivation, ride virtual routes, and even engage with other riders.


To be honest, Zwift is our preferred indoor training app. We find it easy to use, motivating, and community oriented. Once you begin racking up time on Zwift, you'll earn cool features to personalize your avatar like a Tron bike!


Of our favorite apps, Rouvy is the only that lets you use real course videos for your virtual rides. Rouvy also includes the most advanced features, great for the tech enthusiast.

The Sufferfest

Ready to get serious about your training? Sufferfest is a comprehensive training tool to get you ready for your next competition. This app offers a holistic approach to training by considering both the mind and the body.


TrainerRoad is focused on making you the fastest cyclist you can be. Using a science based approach, TrainerRoad offers personalized training plans and the tools to analyze your data.

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